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Greetings and welcome to this Bailiwick which is concerned with the surname of BURVILLE with its many variant spellings. The outcome of the Burville One-Name Study (reference number 1537 with the Guild of One-Name Studies), embarked upon well over 20 years ago, is now in print and digital form:




The term used for the collective English group with the surname is the Burville Bailiwick. Having found various interconnected family lines that could be grouped together they were given a label based on the initial earliest location found for them. To avoid confusion, when an earlier member was found at a different location, the Set name was not changed. Over time it was possible to combine the Bridge, Deal and Langdon Sets with the Sutton Set centred on the village of Sutton near Dover. Having made various assumptions the Bailiwick now consists of three groups: the Folkestone Set, St Margaretís (at Cliffe) Set and Sutton Set. The first two sets have been traced back to the early 18th century whilst the Sutton Set goes back to at least the 15th century. Given the locative proximity of their origins the Sets are doubtless interconnected.


Peter & Julie BURVILLE have selected images from Dover Museum's extensive collection and other sources to illustrate how the famous cliffs have changed through the centuries, and described some aspects of the lives of people who lived near, and indeed, in the the cliffs. For more information select the book cover (right)

Then there is some BURVILLE archaeology, with a challenge for the viewer


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